Huber 360 FIIT

HUBER 36O FIIT allows you to move 80 to 100 muscle groups per session.  You will consume 35% more calories in 10 minutes than in a HIIT session or a spinning class, without any risk of injury.

More than 145 scientific studies have proven its efficacy. It is a perfect complement to our LPG body treatments.  Also, you can work out individually with a monitor.  Whether if you are an athlete or a sedentary person, HUBER 360 is for you. 

The professional will adapt the exercises. The challenge is to overcome your limits!

Simultaneously, you can stimulate physical-cognitive training. You will achieve toning, weight loss, and postural correction, among many other benefits. 

 It is available in single sessions of 10-20-30 minutes and also in bonuses from 8 sessions.